Giuseppe Carlini started his musical career back in the late 90s as a DJ at several clubs in the north of Italy.
In 2001 he founded the musical project Agan and began to produce electronic music as self-taught.
From 2007 on he attended the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, where he graduated as a Sound Engineer and Midi Programmer.
Right after that, in 2008, he formed the duo PLASTER together with Gianclaudio H. Moniri aka KAEBA.
Plaster releases their first official album called Platforms in 2011, published by the Ukrainian label Kvitnu and followed with strong outputs
In 2012, after a long break from his solo project, Giuseppe came back to work on Agan's music
focusing on his first solo album dedicated to the Natural Reserve of Lake Vico


Live Performances //
22.04.2017 Maam - Museo dell'altro e dell'altrove / Rome
11.06.2016 Fax / Rome
21.05.2016 Mlac - Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea / Rome
29.03.2016 Stadlin / Rome
08.05.2015 Dal Verme / Rome
05.12.2014 Rubik Club / Viterbo_it (dj set)
21.11.2014 Rubik Club / Viterbo_it (dj set)
14.11.2014 Rubik Club / Viterbo_it (dj set)
07.11.2014 Rubik Club / Viterbo_it (dj set)
01.11.2014 Rubik Club / Viterbo_it (dj set)
25.10.2014 Rubik Club / Viterbo_it (dj set)
20.09.2014 Rubik Club / Viterbo_it (dj set)
29.08.2014 Rubik Club / Viterbo_it (dj set)
15.06.2014 Chiostro degli agostiniani / Bracciano_It
14.03.2014 Nuovo Cinema Palazzo / Rome
21.06.2013 The Pinnacles Desert / Western Australia
30.11.12 Fri-Son Club / Fribourg_Ch
27.11.12 Le mura / Rome
25.08.12 Fattoria  Lara / Castiglione del lago_It
15.08.12 Campo Lasa / Tarquinia Lido_It
20.06.12 Da Beere / Rome


Agan live at The Pinnacle Desert (Western Australia) Plaster Live at Cinema club (Kiev_Ukraine)