Nov 10 - 2017
#Interview - Agan Iterviewed  on Souterraine

Nov 07 - 2017
#media - Agan Live at Maam (Museo dell'altro e dell'altrove) Rome 22.04.17
Now Available on Mixcloud:
Aug 29 - 2017
#article - Vice Italia mentioned Agan

May 23 - 2017
#Press -  A beautiful review of Amplification of Movements (SR014) by Elliot Clarke on

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May 17 - 2017
#Press - "Amplification of Movements" review on Beach sloth:
"Rather elegant in its unpredictability, Agan delivers the unexpected with “Amplification of movements”...

May 16 - 2017
#Press - Marco Ferretti from Souterraine gives a beautiful, review of 'Amplification of Movements' 

May 3 - 2017
A collaboration between Agan and Isabella Lipperi
An experimental music and Lyrics compositions
Track contained in the last  Agan's album "Amplification of Movements" (SR014) out on Stochastic Resonance

May 3 - 2017
#Press - Mischa Mathys from The Formant gives a beautiful, extremely in-depth,
review of 'Amplification of Movements' (SR014)

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The Formants

May 2 - 2017
Dimensions # 27, curated by  Laima Persik
Including Energy Flows - SR014 Amplification of Movements

April 30 - 2017

The Recognition Test # 64, curated by Raffaele Pezzella
Including Ritual Shaft - SR014 Amplification of Movements

April 29 - 2017
This Sunday on Unexplained Sounds Group radio trasmission will feature a track extracted from my new album
'Amplification of Movements' The Recognition Test # 64, curated by Raffaele Pezzella (SonologystH 21.00 - 23.00 (Italy time)

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April 27 - 2017

SR 014  - 'Amplification of Movements' It's Finally Out
Edition of 300 Vinyls + Digital

April 26 - 2017

SR 014  - 'Amplification of Movements'  is featured on A Closer Listen: a home for instrumental and experimental music new releases page.


April 11 - 2017
SR 014  - Amplification of Movements

April  06 - 2017
SR 014  - Amplification of Movements
Soon out on Stochastic Resonance.
A work inspired by and dedicated to the Natural Reserve of Vico Lake in Italy.

March 28 - 2017
Stochastic Resonance  //  Podcast Episode 09 AGAN
Available on Soundcloud for free download


March 21 - 2017
Stochastic Resonance  //  Podcast Episode 09 AGAN
With this podcast we are introducing Agan, the solo project from Giuseppe Carlini to which he's returned after a period of focus on the duo PLASTER (with Gianclaudio H. Moniri aka KAEBA).
The mix features a collection of tunes which share common grounds with the aesthetics and research of Agan: a good starting point to frame his upcoming work, soon out on Stochastic Resonance, that will reside around the study and the inspiration of the Regional Natural Reserve of Lake Vico, in Italy.


May 21 - 2015
Unfolding Spaces By M.K.R   Including Agan _Hytre Remix
CD Limited / Digital Download

March 03 - 2015
Mindcast 19 //  AGAN
The March edition is an exclusive narrative by Agan, merging some of his own productions with tunes he like, in order to explore different sounds.