With this podcast we are introducing Agan, the solo project from Giuseppe Carlini to which he's returned after a period of focus on the duo Plaster (with Gianclaudio H. Moniri aka Kaeba).

The mix features a collection of tunes which share common grounds with
the musical aesthetics and research pursued by Agan.
A good starting point to frame his upcoming work, soon out on Stochastic Resonance,
that will reside around the study and the inspiration of the Regional Natural Reserve of
Vico 's' lake, in Italy.

Tracklist //
01 Flashback by Isorinne
02 Collapse by Boards of canada
03 No exit by Acronym
04 Half Light of dawn by Abul Mogard
05 Legs Around Nadim by Croatian Amor & Angeles
06 Cometa by Murcof
07 Xenos by Plaster
08 Monophaser 2 by Alva Noto
09 Thalamus Hardware by Buromaschinen
10 The color of the Fire by Boards of Canada
11 Corc by Autechre
Released March 20, 2017